Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I've been tagged

Savannah and Cassy tagged us and so I (Laurel) will attempt to do this right.

* Each player lists 5 + 1 Facts or habits about themselves.
* At the end of the post you list 6 people that you will tag. Leave a message on their Blog in their most recent post in the comments.

O.K. here it goes.

1. I love teaching early morning Seminary, but hate getting up early.

2. I almost always have my birthday cards ready early, but can never seem to find or remember to get 5$ bills. So they are almost always late:(

3. I love to take pictures!

4. I like to sleep with the blanket and sheet, I like them to be nice and neat too.

5. I Love BMW's and Mini's

6. I am going to Italy this month!

These are the people I tag:)
Rachel P.
Liz K.
Arianna R.
Diana J.
Ben J.
Jackie P.


Liz said...

What, your going to Italy!? I didn't know that. That is one of my favorite places in Europe. You will have to let me know which cities you are going to.

Anonymous said...

Viterbo, Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, and a few others in between.
We are traveling by plane,train and busses.

Shannon said...

Hey you are always on time with my Bday Cards!
So i am guessing BEN has a blog!
Stinker, he needs to comment on mine!
WE miss you guys tons!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope not yet, I was hoping he will get one soon:)

BenjaminLane said...

You Can't tag me if I don't have a blog mom!... so ima make one right now

Watson Ink. said...

How jealous am I? Italy? That's awesome! Tak lots of pictures so we can all be there with you!


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