Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day two of our adventures in Italy (Thur)

After a long but uneventful 9hr flight we arrived on time to the Ciampino/Rome airport. It was around 8:20 am in Rome. After getting our passports stamped by Customs we met Jackie and she took us to collect our luggage. That took a while the luggage handlers must have been having breakfast or something. Jackie took us right to the Metro which took us to the train station.

The Pennington girls riding the train to Viterbo Italy

In Orte we switched trains to get to Viterbo. The city that Jackie lives in where we will spend the day and night. Jackie brought us pastry's and fruit to eat for breakfast. The pastry's were so yummy. We arrived at the Viterbo train station around 10:40 am. We then walked, luggage and all, thru the city wall and the Piazza down the cobblestone street to our Hotel. It was only a block away from Jackie's Flat. We checked in and stashed our luggage in our rooms. We then went to see Jackie's place and taste some Italian pizza for lunch. After lunch we walked around Viterbo and took in some of the sites. And Of course everyone wanted to try some Gelato.

One of the many fountains in Viturbo and through out all of Italy!

The beautiful cobblestone streets of Viturbo, Italy!

Jackie had class from 3-5pm and so we did some window shopping and wondered around just trying to take everything in. We were getting really tired and hungry too. Jackie was taking us to one of her favorite restaurants to eat dinner. The problem was almost all sit down restaurants do not open for dinner until 7pm. So we went back to our room and tried to stay awake. It was not easy, Jackie promised us that if we did that we would not have Jet Lag!

The Duomo built upon a hill over looking the country side out side of the city wall.

The arches that we walked through on our way in and out of Viterbo.

We managed to stay awake until dinner and had a wonderful dinner with Jackie and her roommates at a wonderful restaurant. I had Tortallini soup and Darren had Steak. We walked back to the Hotel Tuscia and went straight to sleep.


garrett said...

It all looks so wonderful. I am so glad you all went. How fun to have Jackie to show you all the best spots. And especially the best food. Love, diana

BenjaminLane said...

Those are some beautiful pictures mom. good job


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