Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Update (Last one for July)

Well this is the last Thursday of July. I have to say I am glad that we are on our way out of Summer as these past few days have been more then HOTSo on to the picture, this was the table decoration for a baby boy shower. It was made using a large box of wipes a regular size wipes refill and a package of    0-3m socks rolled up and wrapped with wide rik-rac. It was given to the Mom to be as part of her gift at the end of the shower.
I have been really bad about updating my blocks since April. I found a pattern on Anna Maria's blog that looked quick and fun so here is May's block in July! Look for Rainbow around the block.

This lovely fabric is destined to become my next skirt! After washing it and while ironing I realized that the Pattern number was the same as my zip code. It is very Summery and this is one of the two zip's for Summerville;)

Here are the last three fabrics I picked to use when I get in on one of those I-Spy swaps. I just missed out on two today.  Oh well I have a few projects that need to be started anyway.

This is going to be my July block, I know July is almost over it may miss out on hanging on the wall oh well.

I love using my overlock stitch so I made my sister a bag for her birthday. Of course I used my favorite fabric Daisy Chain by Amy Butler and Dumb Dots by Michael Miller.

And in case you have not heard we are expecting our first Grand Baby and He is a Boy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Update

It is mighty hot here in Summerville but we do enjoy the wonderful afternoon storms that keep everything so lush and green!
This Dragon Fly is a resident here in our yard. He is quite large, sorry I did not get a better picture so you can see the beautiful gold colors he is. I only had my iPhone with me that morning.

So here it is the finished skirt. I love the pattern it is very easy to follow and it goes together quick. Now that I have made one I have already picked out some more fabric for another. I have a few kinks to workout to make my next one even better. They were my kinks not the patterns. Oh there is a zipper in back and I did all right but hope to do even better this time! I would share the fabric with you but I already put it in the washer;0)

This was a project that my hubby requested it is the theme of the new bishopric. It will have a home in a silver frame. I will try to get a picture after it has been framed.
I hope you all have fun staying cool this last week of July!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Update

Yellow squash blossoms right after rain!
Well here it is Thursday once again. A trip to the dentist for routine cleaning this morning ended up not being so routine after all. I have a large area of decay caused by a naughty late coming wisdom tooth and  it must be removed along with the decayed molar! I am still awaiting the final cost to me before making my appointment. Normally if your wisdom teeth have not come in before your fourth decade they stay put. Not so with me. Motrin (Surgeon recommended)may be my best friend for the next few weeks unless I can continue to grin and bear it. I will try my best!

Working on a new skirt, pattern from simplicity and fabric from Wal-Mart ($1.50yd)

Started collecting some fabrics to use for an I-spy quilt.
Bee's, gifts, tractors, cowboy's, dancing pigs, mittens and roosters. I need to find 3 more fabrics with interesting objects and then I will be ready to quilt along.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photo Contest (Karen Bagley Photography)

Do like to take photo's? Do you have a favorite from this summer? You can enter it in a photo contest here. You can also look at and comment on each of the entries so far. I love them all!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thursday Update

I am still here just been busy, not with creative projects just with life.
We did enjoy the 4th of July weekend with the Kids.
Bishop Johnson on first

Jacquie up to bat. ( 18 weeks preg.)

Ben on third coached by Bro. Stubbs.
I do have some projects lined up and waiting for me to get them started, hopefully next week!


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