Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day eight of our adventure in Italy(Wed)

Off to Florence on the train. Our first attempt at catching a train in Italy without the help of Jackie! We managed all right and after a 1 1/2 hour train ride we arrived at Firenze S.M.A, our stop. Our Hotel was only a block and a half walk from the train station. As soon as we checked in Rachel and Darren walked to the car Rental place and brought back a Fiat.

Our little rental Fiat parked in the hotels Parking Garage down the street.

We drove to Maranella where Ferrarri's are made it took about 2hrs and we only got lost once! We toured the Ferrari Gallarie(Museum) and shopped at the official and unofficial Ferrari stores. I'm pritty sure this was the highlight of the trip for Nick and Darren!
Look Mom It's just like Dad's!

Darren made me pose by the ultimate road Ferrari I am quite sure you will never see me in a Ferrari add.

I really don't think these two are having any fun.

I like this cute blue one:)

The sun set while we were in Maranella and we attempted to get a few pictures in front of the Ferrari factory before we drove back to Florence. We needed to get back and meet Jackie at the train station.

After meeting Jackie at the Train Station we did the unthinkable while in Italy, we had Mc Donalds for dinner, yes hot salty french fries. Some were more excited about it then others. The funny thing is...we almost never eat Mc Donalds, if we do it's breakfast.

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Idaho Penningtons said...

I have a picture of Nick in the trunk of the car I will send to you!!


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