Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Making progress

Hello everyone! We have Sea Salt walls now!! This was taken last week, after the painters finished and we got the furniture put back. I also painted my scrapbook room. I have some pictures of the cute animals that were on the walls. Ben wrote us on Valentines day. He is in Rocklin and is serving as the District Leader. He likes his Apt. Darren has been traveling around the state doing some work on the sites here in the Low country. Nick is working on his First Class. We are really loving the space here. We miss each and everyone of you. Our first guest came Sunday, we look forward to many more! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

Future Scrapbook Area

Well we have managed to get all our belongings in one place. we had to make a few trips each day, but it is done now!! this is a picture of what use to be a baby nursery. It is my future Scrapbook/Craft room. There are cute animals painted on the walls. A little to much yellow paint for my taste though. I am not sure what color we will put up yet. We have a few other projects to do first. Benjamin was transfered to Rocklin for a few days while he was awaiting a new companion. I am not sure if he is still there or somewhere else now. We are very happy that he has so much support from family and friends!!! Thank You!!! Well I better go get some more boxes un-packed! Posted by Picasa


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