Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day 2007

Darren recieved a new Ferrari to add to his growing collection, this one requires a bit of assembly!
A friendly arm wrestling contest. And the winner was Da---Ben! He is very strong he works out with free weights!
The boys were playing in the music room and I was taking their pictures, Darren was watching T.V. so I thought I was safe. I was messing around with Ben's mic. He took this picture after he informed Darren to come see.

Ben lead vocals

Aaron lead guitar.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spring Showers

The saying "In like a lamb out like a lion" seems to be holding true here in summerville.About 1:00pm the clouds got dark and heavy and it began to rain.
Around 2:00pm Nick decided to see if he could capture the sights and sounds on DVD.
This is our driveway looking from the partially opened pedestrian door from the garage. when the storms came through it cooled down about 10 degrees. The showers continued until about 5:00pm.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

House Help

When you have house dogs it can be an impossible task to keep the hair under control. We are really not house pet people. We just happenend to fall in love with the Cavalier King Charles breed. They are not outside dogs. They like to go outside a few times a day as long as it is not too wet, hot, cold or windy. Meet our new friend Hairry, he is going to sweep and vacumme the main floor everyday! He is an Irobot by Roomba. We purchased him at Costco!

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I'll bet if there were a vacumme cleaner that were designed to look like a sports car (say a ferrari) the boys in the household would be fighting over who got to vacumme first!

Thats not to say my boys don't vacumme, they do and I am grateful. I just know it would be much more fun if.....

Second named storm of the season-Barry

This morning we awoke to the sound of rain!!!!!! We are grateful that Barry is bringing the much needed rain to the south. No wind yet, just rain:) Barry formed yesterday(fri June 1st) the first day of Hurricane season. It is 85 miles away from land in the Gulf of Mexico. There are warnings along the coast in Florida today. Barry is a Tropical storm with winds up to 50 miles as of 1200am. If you are interested in tracking the storm go to


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