Monday, November 26, 2007

Day thirteen of our adventure in Italy(Mon)

Ah a morning to sleep in. After a quick breakfast we wandered around Viterbo. We found a shop that was open and I bought some cool Italian Tennis shoes. We sat at a fountain and watched people for a while.

This is a Smart car, they are very popular in Italy!

We walked up to Jackies school and waited for her to get through with class. After she was finished we went to eat lunch at the Spagetteria. They serve over 100 different sauces. I had pesto on mine.

Where Jackie goes to school.

We walked back to our hotel and collected our luggage and walked to the train station just out side the city wall. We missed the train we planned on taking by 10 min. So we caught the next train to Rome which took us to the Fiumicino airport. We took a taxi to our Hotel, Hotel Club Isola Sacra. We ate dinner in the Hotel Restaurant. Rachel ordered fried fish, and that is exactly what she got, Head and all. Nick ordered a Hamburger and that is all he got, a patty on lettuce. Not the best food, probably the worst food of our whole trip. We watched Harry Potter 5 and then to sleep.


Diana & Derek said...

I have enjoyed reading about the trip. Thank you so much for the photos. We can always count on you for great pictures. Love, Diana

Anonymous said...

Thanks Di!


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