Monday, April 30, 2007

New pedestrian Gate

Darren and the boys installed the fencing and pedestrian gate on Friday. The front entrance is coming together. We have been blessed with healthy plants that have survived our stupidity when it comes to horticulture!
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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ben buys a car!

Ben needed a car to drive and so we went out after dinner to look and see what was available. After visiting a few car lots we ended up at Saturn on Rivers ave. Ben liked his Saturn and was willing to look at those again.
Turns out after test driving a L 300 4 door that he was O.K. with, and they were about to go make a deal. I (mom) found an ION for a little less that had less miles. The only catch was it is a 5 speed manual. Ben fell in love with it and said, " no problem I can learn to drive it." Darren drove a hard deal, Saturn accepted the offer and we are the co-owners of an 2003 ION. It is in very good condition, Darren said the engine is very clean. I am sure he will love his new/used Saturn!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A fun day of Family Golf

Today we took the Family Golfing at our Golf club here in Summerville. The weather could not have been any better.....70's and sunny!

Nick with the Club House in the background.

Practice swing before that first try at hitting the ball down the fairway.

Laurel getting ready to smack a good one down the fairway!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ben Is Home

Ben was very excited to see his new home, I think he likes it so far! We are very happy to have our family together again. On the ride home from the airport he talked about how things seem sort of new and a little strange but other than Nicks obvious growth we are still the same as when he left and he loves it!

Ben just outside the garage before going inside.

This is the banner that Laurel's seminary class made and we hung it up so as soon as he went upstairs to the main floor he would see it along with other decorations and balloons that we fixed up.

Playing the Piano while we waited to go see the Stake President for his release. Ben has learned to play hymns very well on his mission and we enjoyed listening to him play.

At the Airport

We got at the Airport just as his plane was landing, it came in 20 minutes early! We got to see the plane taxi to the gate from the viewing area where we were sitting on rocking chairs that they have there for people waiting. I took this picture because we knew that he was sitting in seat 36E which was on this side of the plane. Bishop Cunningham and his wife were there too to meet Ben. Ben was of course the last one off the plane!

Bens plane coming in to the gate. Ben is sitting in the row with the last two window.

Nick and Mom waiting at the gate

Moms hug, it took a while before she would let go of him so Nick and I could have a turn!


Ben arrives at the Airport around 4PM our time. He will see his name up in lights in our Home theater lobby area where he will first enter the house from the garage. We will post pictures of his homecoming ASAP. Laurel's seminary class also made a banner that we will display upstairs. It will be nice to have Ben home again from serving so well on a full time mission for the Lord these past two years.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Elder Johnson & Elder Cawley

On Saturday Ben's Grandpa and Grandma Martineau met him at the Sacramento Temple. This picture was taken after the session. They had a baptism at 3:30. We are looking forward to Ben's return in a little over a day!


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