Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day twelve of our adventure in Italy(Sun)

We ate an Italian Buffet breakfast and then packed our bags and left them in a holding room. We needed to check out before we left for Church. The front desk called 2 taxi's for us and we waited out front for them. They drove us about 15min. away and dropped us off in front of the building where the ward met. We went in the door and there was a stairway, we climbed 3 flights of stairs and there were 2 doors, they were both locked so we waited a few min. hoping someone else would come or the door would open. That didn't happen so we knocked and the door was opened we could see that we were in the right place and wer greeted by a Sr. Missionary serving from Utah with his wife. They were working i the Mission office. We enjoyed attending Sacrament mtg. It was there Primary sacrament presentation. We could understand the songs even if we did'nt know the words. There were 2 sets of Missionary's Elders & Sisters. We met a Sister who helped get a few translator speakers and one of the Elders translated for us and a family from the Phillipeans. After church one of the Sisters helped us figure out which train to take to get to the center of Milan to see the Duomo.

We found the Duomo but could not get tickets to see the Painting of the Last supper. So we walked around and then found a place to eat some lunch. We took a cab back to our hotel and picked up our luggage so we could catch our train to Viterbo. We finally got to ride Harry Potter Style in a Compartment!


Diana & Derek said...

We're still jealous!!

Watson Ink. said...

Don't you just love that the church is the same no matter where you go?


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