Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day Eleven of our adventure in Italy (Sat Switzerland)

After breakfast we took a taxi to the train station and walked to the car rental businesses to see if someone had an available car.

We ended up renting a small Fiat from Sixt for the day. We were off to Switzerland to see the Alps and buy some Chocolate. We followed the Blue Road signs which were the free Hwy. The drive was nice even though it was rainy and kind if hazy. We stopped along Como Lake and got out to take a few pictures. It is a beautiful Lake on the south(SUD) side of the Alps.

We continued North(NORD) to the boarder of Italy and Switzerland. The Swiss border patrol waved us onward with out a stop. So much for a swiss stamp in our passports. We drove to the city of Lugano which is borders Lake Lugano in the Alps. The Mountains jut right out of the Lake and the city is built up on the mountain sides.

We parked in a parking garage that was connected to a supermarket, we had to walk thru it to get to the street. We saw a huge Chocolate isle and that is where we planned to shop on our way back to the car! It was 13:34/1:34 when we got to the garage and we were very hungry. So our first stop after getting on the street was Time Out Grill. We ate L.A. syle Hambergers, Chicken nuggets and fries. The waiter spoke English & Italian.

After eating we walked over to the Lake and took a few pictures. We were walking back toward the shopping when a low flying plane over the lake dropped 4 Swiss Army troops with parachutes.

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