Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve 2007

The last day and hours of 2007

Darren and I picked out a good amount of fireworks around the block at the fireworks stand. They were making some deals as it was the 31st. Fireworks are legal here in Summerville.

Darren, Nick, Thomas and Brenden had a blast lighting all the fireworks.

The Launch pad after all the fire works.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jacquie comes to meet us:)

The day after Christmas we had a special visitor come to visit us. She arrived at the Charleston airport around 1o:30pm. She had a long day of travel. We visited until about mid-night and then we headed of to get some sleep. We had a lot planned for the next few days.


Well it's official, this morning Jacquie is wearing an engagement ring! We didn't witness it, but where told he got on his knee, with a little persuasion, non the less they are both happily engaged. We are super happy for them! We love Jacquie too!

After a nice breakfast made by Darren we decided to head for the beach, no swimwear today its a bit chilly for the water. After a stop at on the Isle of Palms and a walk on the beach we headed across the beautiful new Ravenel bridge that crosses the Cooper River.

Walking out of the parking garage downtown Charleston.

A beautiful day for a walk in Riverfront park .

We walked through the market place on Market street downtown and ate lunch at Bubba Gumps. After lunch on our way back to Summerville we stop on Daniels Island and looked at some homes that were having open houses. They were on the Golf Course and were really pretty. We like looking at homes. It's something we have enjoyed doing since the veryfirst year we were married. We made reservations for dinner at a local resteraunt in Summerville, Oscars. The kids ate Shrimp & Grits, you will have to ask them next time you see them how they like it. Jacquie and the boys watched a movie, we went to bed.


We ate quik breakfasts and then headed to Folly beach.

We wanted to walk down the Pier, it was closed for renovations. The wind was blowing so it was a bit chilly. Of course we are spoiled and used to nice warm/hot weather! As you can see some of us are in short sleeves and a few are wearing flip flops.

We drove down to the washout and a few brave souls were surfing. We could not walk to the light house the tide was in. So we headed back toward Summerville with a stop at the outlet mall. Lunch at Arbys and we were ready to go home. It was nice at home although the clouds were moving in.

Nick on the BMW Go-Kart racing Darren on the Ferrari Go-Kart.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

It was one of Ben's requests that we keep with tradition this year because he missed the last 2 Christmas's at home. So we have this little tradition that we have done for at least 17 years. After we read the account of the first Christmas we have Family Prayer and say our Good Nights. Mom turns off the lights around the house and puts a chair or two in the hall so no boy will be tempted to sneak into the living room where Santa has left their gifts. Because Santa always sets the gifts and full stockings out on one of the couches or chairs.

When Mom and Dad finally wake up, Dad always checks to see if Santa came. He then goes in to wake up the boys, and every year this is what he say's," I have some bad news" They alway respond with a "What" and he says, " Santa did not come this year!" and after a few oh no's a "just kidding, I did see some coal in your stocking though." Some times this is short lived sometimes a little longer depending on how awake they are.

This year was especially fun as the boys are so grown up and wanted to play along with the tradition. They even said that they would like to carry this tradition on after they leave home. So I think we should give it an official name.
The Christmas Chair Tradition.

This is a cute Christmas chair

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas eve.

Today we picked Ben up at the Charleston International Airport. His flight was delayed out of San Francisco so he didn't get in until mid afternoon. We were so happy to see him! As we walked outside He said, "It's nice and warm here".

After dinner and a message with the Missionarys, the boys played in the music room.

Nick was worn out after a couple hours of drumming.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

One of those days

It was a nice morning and Nick was outside riding one of the Go Karts. I decided it would be fun to go out and ride the other one. Darren was working on the Ferrari, and what a better time to be out doors. So Nick started the black Go Kart for me. We were having fun riding around the driveway. I was getting pretty comfortable and going pretty fast. Are you getting worried about what I will type next? You should be! I was in the lead, Nick a few feet behind me. I had a sudden fear that I would not make it around the corner with out hitting him or a tree. I went straight toward the gate thinking I would be able to stop in time. Would have worked had I not gripped the gas instead of the break. I closed my eyes and let go of the handle bars. I opened them to see the gate pushed beyond the stop brackets. I was super worried that I had ruined the gate. I got up and felt my head, a grade A extra large size egg bump was already on my head above my left eye. Nick was right beside me saying don't worry about the gate Mom. I peeked in the garage and said" Darren, Darren, I think I broke the gate!" He said, "What, how" I then took my hand off my head. On my way up stairs I realized my right hand was swelling up and was scrapped up. I was a bit worried It might have been broken. Nick got me some ice and kept talking to me just incase I might want to sleep. Darren said I got the worst end the gate would be fine. I felt so bad about the gate. I also felt awful because we needed to go to a special baptism for two eight year old young ladies in our ward. After a few hours on ice and nick keeping me from going to sleep The swelling was going down. I managed to cover the head wound with makeup and my hair. The hand with long sleeves and bandaides. We attended the baptism, it was wonderful. Nick was asked to witness, he loved being able to perform a priesthood duty.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seminary Breakfast

We hosted a breakfast for my Seminary students. They came over at 8:30 and Darren and Bishop Cunningham made pancakes,bacon and scrambled eggs. After breakfast some played
X-Box and some rode the go carts.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oakbrook Youth Christmas Activity

Each year the Oakbrook ward youth have a special Christmas activity. They think of a gift that they would give to the baby Jesus, they bring the gift and give it to one of the other youth or leader. This is a very special evening. We were privileged to have it in our home this year.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Charleston Christmas Boat Parade

We drove downtown and found a parking spot near the Battery Park. We walked down to Waterfront park and found an empty bench. It was cold and there was a brisk breeze. We had just barely gotten over being cold in Italy. We watched the boats all decorated for Christmas and the fireworks off of the Waterfront park Pier. Charleston has been doing this for over 8 yrs.

Some of the fun lights on the boats!


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