Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Driveway

We are so thrilled to have a paved driveway. Darren was at Home Depot getting some pavers for the front walkway and saw the paving company's truck. Darren talked to the guy about our driveway. He came out and gave us a bid that afternoon. His bid was better than any we had. The company was in Summerville doing a few jobs and fit us in the next day. They were fast, 3hrs start to finish. We could not drive on it for the next 24hrs. So my car stayed in the garage and Darren's truck was parked around the block in front of a nice neighbors house. It was worth the inconvenience.
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Progress on the Gate!

Well it is a cold and cloudy Saturday here in Summerville. Darren worked all day on the electrical and lighting for the gate. People who were going out early this morning would wave and tell him how much they like his new gate:) I love that he can see something in his mind and then create it! You should see the call box, it is serious business. This is the 4th gate he has built. It is by far the largest!
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