Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Seven of our adventures in Italy(Tue)

Nick was really sick in the night last night and Savannah woke up not feeling well this morning. We think they may have gotten food poisoning or have the flu. After resting a bit, Nick decided he would try to walk to see the Colosseo.

Nick was still really weak from being sick all night and so this was all he saw of the Colosseo. We walked back to the Hotel. We all took a much needed nap. The Pennington's went to see the Spanish steps. They did not stay long either, Savannah was really not feeling well. Later after everyone was doing a bit better we went back to the Colosseo to see the inside. It is very impressive. The rock/stone, cement and brick work is amazing. we walked around some of the other sites near the Colosseo. There was an interesting rode/walkway, out in front that was made of large smooth stones, it was different from the brick or cobblestone roads that are still in use today around Rome. We walked back to the Hotel for another sleepless night. No rest for the weary travelers! The street that our Hotel was on must have been the route to the Hospital.

The following pictures I took while standing in the colosseo looking out toward the southeast. You will see a yellow and a red double decker bus in the pictures these are for tourists. Citizens don't usually use these they use the metro and city busses.


Rory and Jess said...

Wow! Amazing. You're so lucky!

Diana & Derek said...

We're jealous!!

Ma & Pa Johnson said...
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