Friday, March 27, 2009

A shopping trip to Lowe's

As mentioned in the previous post "TREK" is coming upon us soon. The 2nd week in April is Spring Break here, or as some of us would rather say Easter Vacation. Darren and I were out and about this evening gathering some of the supplies he will need to film the event.

We found almost all the things he needed. We stopped at Staples for a bag of rubberbands and when we got home the UPS man had dropped off the one piece of equipment he splurged on.


Idaho Penningtons said...

Hey I am filming our trek too!!!! But I don't need to go to Lowes!! hehehehe

Diana and Derek said...

Good luck.

Diana and Derek said...

Why do you need a new air compressor to film the TREK? Why is there so much candy and cookies in your cart?

Diana and Derek said...

The process would go much quicker if Darren had learned to read! Photo supplies are not found in the ladder aisle. Just trying to help. Derek


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