Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Late Winter at the beach!

We had a free afternoon so we decided to play a quik game of Tennis, Nick won. Then off to the beach. It was a bit cloudy and windy but getting warmer. Nick and Jacquie checked the water temp and yep it is still to cold for South Carolinian's to get in without a wetsuit. Some crazy Northerners were in their bathing suits!!!!


Jacq said...

Ooo ya check out those white legs! Time for some sunshine. Rusty and Kirra are so stinkin cute. I snuggled with them last night:-) We should've got some pics of you! Thanks for the fun day and yummy dinner at 5 Guys!

Idaho Penningtons said...

You guys aren't even wearing jackets!!! Can't be that cold!! Your blood has really gotten thick!!! (or thin - I don't know which one!) And Derek class didn't win the color war they got disqualified - something about all the Freshman storming the 8th grade hall! I am sure my son was the leader of that little stunt! At least I didn't get a call!!

Elisa Wright said...

oh wow! looks so great. must be fun to be in the wonderful south!!! I sure do miss it!

I miss my family too. Its sad to see Rusty and Kirra and Nick! We need a family reunion. :)

hmm. Jason? He is probably the greatest guy ever and I am so lucky to have him. You guys will probably meet him this summer. We are going to come back home for a week, I think. shh. dont tell the grandparents. It is going to be a surprise :)

You will have to tell me about these Oreo's! Since I am moving into my new apartment, I am desperate for recipes so that I can start cooking and making yummy stuff. :)


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