Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Completed Projects this week!

I forgot to make something Green, happy St. Patricks Day anyway!
This week went by so fast, I only completed a few projects. Not all are Crocheted:) I will include links to patterns and supplies if I can. Enjoy;)

This small cap kind of evolved so I do not have a pattern to share. I used Homespun Yarn by Lion Brand. I made this beanie using a free Red heart project sheet I found at Walmart and Black No Dye Lot worsted Yarn from Red Heart. Nick is Modeling it, but I made it for Darren to wear while working in TN.

This was an experiment to see if Stampin' Up's "Decor Elements" could be applied to a painted canvas. It worked out wonderfully.



Both of these patterns came from SLK Designs they were very easy to follow and turned out very similar to her picture. I did use Red Heart Baby, sport weight yarn and so they are a bit bigger then the newborn to 3 month size. I would guess they are more like 3-6month, I have not been around a small baby for a while so that is a guestimate:) I also added the tie to the hat so that it would match the booties. These did not take more then a few hours.


Idaho Penningtons said...

Nick wearing that hat reminded me of when I made those fleece zebra snow hats and Ben didn't take it off for YEARS!!!!!

karen said...

Oh how wonderful! I wish I were crafty! Great job.

Kayleigh said...

I love your weekly posts, they look great

Jennifer said...

I love seeing all of the things you are making. Wish I had the talent for it.

Rory and Jess said...

cute little hat and booties! I didn't (sadly) crochet those flowers myself. I think I bought them from a scrapbooking store actually! Maybe I will figure out how to make them someday, my cousin Jenni is really good at them!


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