Thursday, February 13, 2014

Family Vacation-Sydney

Sydney and day 1 of Cruise
Valentines day is heavenly when your in a country where they do Chocolate right. I know it is a day early but we had to shop at the corner Chocolate shop before boarding the ship!
Can you taste this truffle? Oh sorry not fair I know.

The view from the roof top pool area of the Holiday Inn
 Our ship the Voyager of the seas had arrived early in the morning.
 The Rock skyline, just a glimpse of the city of Sydney 
 Darren getting footage for the docu-drama of our trip.

Jacquie loves red Mailboxes and telephone booths!

Lots of cool brick roads and alley ways in the area. Just a short walk down to the Harbor where our ship was docked.

Rhino art on display around the City.

 Aboriginal Symbols on wall of Hotel.

I know lots of bridge pictures it's as much of an icon here in Sydney as the Opera House. if you look closely at the top of the bridge you will see climbers. It's only $600au and You too can be strapped on for a climb, I 'm not brave enough nor do I want to part with the dollars. You can however cross the bridge for free or climb one of the 4 towers for less then $20au. Nick and Mikaila walked partway over the bridge at night so they could view the lights. The rest of us went to sleep early!

Aboriginal Art Museum & Sydney Opera House

Students having a field trip.
We boarded the ship and then got settled in for the 14 day Journey. A great BonVoyage from the people of Sydney!

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Liz said...

Truffle looks amazing. Fun, fun, fun.


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