Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cruise Day 6 - Napier & Hastings

Port of Napier
The Port of Napier is a working port,  a lumber mill and shipping port really. 
 Bennett enjoyed his daily chess games with Grandpa Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandma and Daddy.
Our suite was midship, this gives an idea of how long the ship was. 
 Nick watching the workers arrange makeshift barriers so the passengers didn't get hurt on any of the stacked log's.

We again had a guide who picked us up in his van and took us to places Darren wanted us to visit that he had been to on his mission.
First stop a view of Te Mata Peak, then up to the top of the peak for an unbelievable view. 
 Grandpa Grandpa even thought this was an incredible view.

There is a hang glide launch off this side of the peak and our guide told us many accidents happen here as there is no room for error. 

This is the road we traveled up to the top there is only room for a bus or a van but not both so they have someone directing traffic for safety. 
 This area is excellent for farming, there are a lot of grapes and Kiwis.   
 Our guide took us to his brothers farm so he could show us how to sheer a lamb.
Bennett was a bit worried about the lamb getting a haircut, he thinks it's torture to get a haircut so why would that lamb like it. 

 After the wool was off he got to feel the clean sheared lamb.
Ben learned how to sheer as well.

 Look at all the wool
 Hay bales
 Back at the ship

So one of the stops was to Hastings really quick and I did not have my camera out and only Darren and Jacquie got out of the van. Darren spotted a Missionary on the street downtown Hastings which was near where he lived and so he talked to him for about 5 min. The missionary was from the pacific islands and his companion was from Idaho. There are a total of 8 missionaries serving in Hastings now.

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