Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cruise Day 7 - Wellington

Welcome to Wellington

Wellington will be our last stop on the North Island of New Zealand and we are half way thru our cruise. Coming into the port as we did not arrive until 10 am.

One of these  hillside homes may possibly belong to Peter Jackson director of "Lord of the Rings"

 Is this a Pilot or a tug? I think it possibly may be a fire boat, or all three.

 This elephant is ready for a day of fun in Wellington!
 We walked into Wellington where we had the most delicious apple juice and then checked in with the heli-port to see when our tour would be. We had about 2 hours to wander Wellington so we walked over to the Cable Car.

Nick & Mikaila
Ben & Jacquie

 Darren rode this cable car on his mission, it is moved up and down the hill by the cable that connects two cars and they act as counter balances to pull each other up the hill. The view at the top is not to shabby. The locals that live in the neighborhoods up in the hills above Wellington use it to get downtown, it's faster then driving down the hilly streets.


 Bennett's second helicopter ride and he really liked sitting by the window and wearing the head set.
I enjoy the challenge of taking photographs from my seat onboard. Maybe a few more tries and I will have it down. 

 Hitching a ride with Grandma Grandma

The fog is pretty thick tonight as we get ready to leave the port. Should make an interesting night on the ocean.


Liz said...

Did you all fit in that helicopter together? I have never flown on a helicopter and Bennett has twice, lucky kid.

Laurel Johnson said...

No Liz we had to go 5 at a time. Darren went twice so he could get a few more video shots.


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