Monday, February 17, 2014

Cruise Day 5 - Tauranga NZ

Today we docked in Tauranga and met our native Kiwi Guide Terry! 

Yummy Rocket Lolli to keep this one energized!
 Our first stop was in Rotorua where we were treated to a Maori lunch cooked in the earth. Then we were off to have a Maori cultural experience, we were the guests and lucky that the chief allowed us in as friends not enemy's or we may have become his next meal (so glad they no longer practice cannibalism).  

 Marae and Wharenui (Big house)

 The Warrior coming to check out the visitors.

 Trek to the Geyser

 How mother earth blows off a little steam. That is no ordinary river it is steaming hot!

 Yep I was a bit nervous especially when I saw the next board over had come loose at the bottom.

 Rotorua is famous for it's hot mud treatments at the local Spa baths. No not a good idea to try and get a free treatment here temp is a nice balmy 1200 degrees! 
 Fern Tree aka Silver Fern
Next stop the Redwoods, the New Zealand Redwood forest. Where Silver Fern is happiest.

 Why they call it Silver Fern
 No poisonous snakes or spiders to worry about here.

We could have spent a whole day here but it was time to go so we would have time for the next stop.
Hobbiton located on the Alexander Farm in the Matamata district NZ. 

The views were spectacular the photos do not do it justice.

 Looking toward the Green Dragon Inn over the lake.
The garden was  beautiful with butterflies and bumble bees happily collecting nectar.

(Photography by Ben)

The details of this set are amazing little benches, fences and flowers everywhere.
 The Carnival field
Bennett thought this was the best he could run and run and run!

Having a sip of Gingerbeer at the Shire's Rest Cafe. Interesting flavor, no it does not taste like Rootbeer. Just incase you were wondering it is kid friendly.
It was time to head back to the Voyager and get ready to set sail again. We had a wonderful day!

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Liz said...

Beautiful, I want to live in Hobbiton:-D


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