Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cruise day 4 Auckland New Zealand

We made it to New Zealand home of the Kiwi's and All Blacks!

 We had almost another day at sea before we arrived into the Harbor at Auckland. As it was Sunday we spent the day lounging on the deck playing chess and watching the land and sea as we sailed.

Bennett loved using the Binoculars (ganockulars)!

Lots of family bonding time!

 If you live in Auckland you probably own a boat or have a relative who does. The water is where most Kiwi's like to spend their free time.
When we arrived in Auckland we were greeted by our wonderful Sister Nicola Chadderton it was so fun to see her and meet two of her friends. I forgot to get a picture with her, she was so good to travel to the dock to see us! Darren then drove us in a Rental passenger van to Hamilton where we stopped for some authentic Fish & Chips which we ate on our way to the Hamilton NZ temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).

(Photography by Ben)

(Photography by Benjamin)
Four Generations of Johnson
A wonderful story about those who built this temple is told in the visitors center, turns out that one of Grandpa's Uncles had a big role it building it. You will have to ask him the story.

(Photography by Benjamin)
Good bye Auckland until we meet again!


Diana and Derek said...

Awesome pictures. It looks like such a wonderful trip. Tell Nick he can't change his temple wedding to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Haha, don't worry I don't think they are ready to make that flight again for a while;)


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