Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin patch day:)

Today we visited the Pumpkin patch, played in the Aaronic Priesthood Mudd Bowl and ate Pumpkin Bars!
I think we should find one that looks like this!

This one should be big enough!

I am looking a little ORANGE don't you think?

The pumpkin experts hard at work!

Just not to sure about that one Ben!

Ben's Favorite one!

Two down one to go!

This one has a baby bum, I'll take it!

Let's clean this place up before we leave:) JK

How MuCH?


Idaho Penningtons said...

How fun! That is one BIG pumpkin!

Shannon said...

oh i love that you have your whole family doing all these fun activities together!
Great Pumpkins.
Love you guys!

Summer Carlile said...

How fun I am glad you all got pumpkins that you liked.

Elisa Wright said...

aww. you guys look so happy! how has your fall been so far?!

I miss you all. Oh did Ben and Jacque finally move down to South Carolina?

Liz said...

Happy Halloween. Looks like fun finding the pumpkins. You will have to post pics of them carved too.

Watson Ink. said...

I love pumpkin patches! We're going this week and I can't wait!!

Diana and Derek said...

Darren, You should wear something other than your pajamas when you go out in public. Derek

Also, he plays for the Jets now.


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