Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corn Maze at night!

Tonight we took the Young Women, Teachers and Deacon's to a local corn maze in Jedburg, SC. The maze was done in the shape of a Farmer riding a tractor. If you completed the maze it was 3.3 miles long. My group ran most of the hour we were inside. I was loving it:) I am truly grateful to have energy once again!!!!

Jaime & Maili
Everyone made it out alive:)


karen said...

I cannot imagine being on a corn maze that is so long! It sounds like a great time. Have a great Halloween.

Elisa Wright said...

Im so glad that everyone made it out alive!!! Last year, it poured rain on us and we got stuck in that maze for over an hour and a half! It was terrible. :( but Im so glad that the girls look like they are having fun!

It will be great to come back in December and see how much our young women have grown! I miss them all.
Btw. are we still going to the new chilis when I get back? :)

Shannon said...

Oh that is a long corn maze! I've done one before during the day, and that was hard. I can't imagine what it would be like at night!

Hey i need to know JQ's Birthday! I am starting on the calendars and need to add her and Justin.

John and Ann Tolman said...

Okay - I need some of your energy!Please send it this way ASAP! It sounds like fun,especially at night...how scary!

Joe said...

Charles loves corn mazes. He obviously hasn't seen Children of the Corn.

Great to hear you're feeling better!

Liz said...

They are Corn Maze crazy in Indiana. We have driven by several but only attempted one. Glad that you had the energy to keep up with the young ones.


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