Sunday, October 05, 2008

Conference, Soccer and an early morning surprise!

This morning we tuned into(BYU-TV) General Conference and were so pleased to here from President Monson. The 1st session was awesome we felt the spirit witness that the words spoken were for us.
Between sessions we went to the YMCA soccer fields here in Summerville to watch 3 of our favorite youth play.

After the game a visit to Rita's Italian Ice Cream with the Cunningham's!
Another wonderful session of conference and dinner! The guy's went to the Priesthood session and I had a nice chat with my Mom.
After going to bed late we had a surprise piano player at 2:30 am!!!!
Ben and Jacquie surprised us and have arrived safe and sound! Thank you Heavenly Father for bringing them here safely! We know they will be missed in G.P. We promise to take good care of them while they are here!!!!


karen said...

What a fun suprise! Looks like a fun day. Enjoy you r guests. I enjoyed your post about that craft. I am really loving those vinyl letters. They are so easy and so nice in the end.

Idaho Penningtons said...

How fun!!! What a great surprise!

Shannon said...

NO WAY!! What a cool suprise!
Oh i am so jealous, you guys will have so much fun spending all the time with them, Especially during Conference, i bet that was Awesome!

John and Ann Tolman said...

I'm so glad your children are with you...I can't imagine it without mine all around. It is so much fun at holiday time and just to watch everyone grow through life. Family is where it's at!

Anonymous said...

Yes we could not be more pleased to have the cutie's here!!!!! I already have a fun FHE post going up this afternoon!


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