Friday, October 10, 2008

Picture Tag! (TagIII)

Tagged by: Jackie Schwartz

Rules: Pick the fourth picture in your fourth picture file, post it:) Then tag four new people:)

This photo was taken last saturday at the YMCA soccer game. Three of the youth from church were playing in this game. Number 4 is Jessa!

I tag: Karen Bagley

Ari Riordan

Cassy Watson

Elisa Wright


karen said...

FYI-I am just getting my negatives to digital. It is a long process of taking them from CD to laptop to external hard drive. You got me at a bad time! I thought it was a fun tag.

Esther Attridge said...

I like this tag!! It doesn't take any thought :) I hope your team won!!

Elisa Wright said...

okay I will definitely do this but lol I dont know if I will like it...


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