Wednesday, July 09, 2008

YW Beach night!

We stopped at Jack's Cosmic Dog in Mt. Pleasent on the way for a quik bit to eat.

Cosmic Dog: Blue cheese slaw, our own sweet potato mustard
Orbit City Dog: Chile, cheese, onion, spicy mustard
Galactic Dog: Chile, cheese, slaw, spicy mustard
Morph Slaw Dog: Cole slaw, spicy mustard
Omega Dog: Cheddar cheese, spicy mustard
Atomic Dog: Chile, onion, spicy mustardKypt
Astro Dog: Zippy onion relish, spicy mustardo Krout: Sauerkraut, spicy mustard
Johnny Dog: Onions, pickle, spicy mustard
Sky Dog: Blue cheese slaw, pickle, yellow mustard
Planet Dog: Jamaican relish, yellow mustard
Earth Dog: Order it plain or w/ yellow mustard+/- ketchup
Rocket Corn Dog: Deep fried on a stick
Vegeriod: Morning Star tofu dog, yellow mustard, ketchup,onion
Neutron Dog: Jack's mango peppa ketchup & jalapeƱo slaw

Alternatives include: Biff Buffalo Chicken, Bunny in a bun,
Mercury Meat Loaf, Rover Pork RollVegetarian: Black Beancakes ,Veggie Maxx & Tofu Dogs
Awesome Fresh Cut Fries - Cooked in Peanut Oil
Soft Serve Ice Cream Custard - Vanilla, Chocolate, Swirl
A selection of Shakes, Malts and Sundaes
Drinks: Fountain, Vintage Long Necks & Draft Root Beer


Shalisa said...

I love the pictures of the YW leaders!

karen said...

So fun. Being in YW is such a blessing. That hot dog place looks so good.

Elisa Wright said...

im absolutely jealous out of my mind... this is torturous... but im glad they had fun.


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