Thursday, July 17, 2008

Darren's first day in China

Darren left our house at 12:30 pm on Tue. drove to Atlanta to catch his flight to Chicago on Wed. morning. He arrived in Atlanta around 6:00pm central time. He left Atlanta early on Wed. morning for Chicago where he met up with Kyle. They left Chicago on American Airlines for China at 10:30 in the morning.

The flight over is 14 hours. So they had the luxury compliments of Johnson-northwest Inc. to fly first class. Darren said, "that is the only way to fly on a long overseas flight."The first class cabin on this 777 was not full so they switched seats and sat in the middle seats next to each other so they could work. They arrived in Shanghai a little early around 2:00 pm on Thursday (2:00am est Wed.) Darren said that it took about 2 hrs to get from the airport to their hotel. He took some pictures from his room and the elevator.

His room and view from the window.
He has sliding screens that divide his sleeping area from his bathroom.
I got the tour via webcam this morning. That window is huge!

They are staying at the:
Hyatt on the Bund

199 Huangpu Road
Shanghai 200080 CHINA
Hotel Phone Number: 86 21 63931234.

The Bund River and Shanghai skyline.

Day & Evening

Darren worked out in the awesome facility at the hotel. He said, "There is a Olympic size pool with starting blocks and everything" He ate dinner at the buffet downstairs and called me:) He then went to bed. 8:30am our time this morning 8:30pm Thur night China.

We are able to stay in contact using IM and e-mail so that we don't have to have lengthy conversations on the phone! Computers are good for something:)

All photos taken with an iPhone


Liz said...

What a fun experience. Especially when you get to sit in first class. I was crammed between two people for 14 hours when I flew and that is not pleasant. It looks like he is in an amazing hotel. How long is he there for?

karen said...

Looks amazing. That seems like fun. It's amazing what can be done with computers. Glad you can keep in touch.

Elisa Wright said...

wow... im entirely jealous... why?!?!

well I guess he is having fun. :)
btw. I got my wonderful package yesterday! and all my roomies loved the cookies which they nearly inhaled.
your amazing! thanks so much!
i love ya!

Shannon said...

WOW, now that looks amazing! Especially the flight over. How fun!
The Iphone actually takes some SWEET pictures, i am very impressed!

Mason & Laura said...

I'm so glad he got to fly first class, I think the trip would've been miserable otherwise! I love the pictures of his hotel and of the city, it reminds me of the movie Shanghi Noon (with Jacki Chan...seen it?) Anyway, I'll be looking forward to seeing more pictures!


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