Sunday, July 20, 2008

iPhone gets run overby a truck!

Yesterday I put my iPhone on the back of my car while I was walking, thinking Darren might call me. I usually put it in my pocket, but the shorts I was wearing did not have pockets. I also was outside a little longer then I had planned to be so I hurried in with out picking up my phone. Darren called on the home phone and I said, my cell is in the Garage. I thought to my self don't forget to get it before you go to Target. Sooo you can guess what happened. After grabbing some breakfast, a shower, checking out the pictures Darren sent via e-mail. I was ready to go to Target. I completely forgot about the phone until I was on the next street over. I slowed down and pulled off ran around back and it was not there!!!! I turned back looking on the opposite side of the road while going back towards the house. Nick helped me look all over the driveway and road. No iPhone Yikes I was sick to my stomach. I just finally got the hang of all the cool features and was loving my iPhone. I drove to the At&t store told them my issue and they were very helpful. We have a few old cell phones around here so I had a new sim card in about 10 min. so I could continue using my same number.

I received a voice message from a kind neighbor while my phone was off during church. He said he had my iPhone. I called and he told me that he had seen it on the road as he was turning onto the road from his street. He could not stop in time to pick it up and turned around, but it was run over by a truck just before he could get across the road to pick it up. He tried to answer when we where calling. It just would not work, his son came and they put the sim card in his phone to get my name and number out of the info. I am very grateful that he called even though the phone is really not usable. At least I know what happened to it! I hope you learn from my experience and won't let this happen to you!


Elisa Wright said...

wow! you just got that phone... dang!!!!

im sorry. when are you getting your new one?

Anonymous said...

I will be using my very old Motorola for a while. Same number tho.

Shannon said...

oh bummer!! That has totally happened to me too.
what a nice neighbor!

Liz said...

Ugghhh, I'm sorry. Note to self, never place my phone on a car or truck.

Watson Ink. said...

Bye Bye, Phone. :( I hate when I forget about things on top of the car. I once did that with some brand new scrapbook paper, but that's a little easier and less expensive to replace. At least you know where it is now. hehe.


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