Thursday, July 31, 2008

Evening at the beach in July!!!

We decided it was high time we get over to the beach! So we packed the truck and were out the door in 15 min. Picked up Thomas who had just gotten back from a trip to Canada and was all to happy to get to the beach. The weather was sunny as we drove over. Until we reached Mt. Pleasant where it was over cast. By the time we got to the connector we could see that there was something brewing off shore and it was super windy! The guys wanted to go in anyway and they surfed the nasty chop and caught a few good size waves! We are going to have to check the weather next time!! I could only get one pic' too much sand blowing! It was still warm and the water was very pleasant according to the boy's. Yes we stopped at the Bell on the way home, it's tradition!


Shannon said...

still looks so refreshing and so fun!!
Super cute Background Laurel, i love it!!

Watson Ink. said...

Leave to the guys to still get out there! We're going tomorrow, hopefully we have better luck.

Anonymous said...

Cassy~ Have a wonderful day at the beach!

Elisa Wright said...

thats the way it always is!!!

well not usually.


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