Saturday, July 19, 2008

Darren goes to Beijing

Today Darren flew on Air China to Beijing the capital city of China. He was able to do some site seeing as it was Saturday and he did not have meetings. He and Kyle decided it was time for some American food so they ate McDonalds for dinner.

Darren with the palace of the Forbidden City in the background.

Tiananmen Square

Street scene in Beijing. Darren said, "Everything is all getting decorated for the Olympics"


Elisa Wright said...

jealousy is wracking up... most definitely!!! haha.

he is having a blast i bet.

Mason & Laura said...

i just love the Chinese architecture! these pictures are awesome, Darren is so lucky!!

Shannon said...

So what is he doing in China? Looks so awesome, and i bet you are learning alot about china while he is there. So fun!

Liz said...

I have pictures of me in front of those same places. How fun for him. If you talk to him before he leaves Beijing, tell him to get the Beijing noodles from a noodle restaurant. They were my favorite.


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