Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Young Womens Tuesday Night

Graduation Party

Sister Stubbs Reading Dr. Suess's "Oh the Places you'll go!"

I am in the young womens Presidency as of Sunday and this is my first activity. Lucky for me I was not in charge:) This was such a cute idea. The girls decided they wanted to throw a graduation party for the Laurel's who were seniors. The Presidency found or made all the cute stuff that the Graduates received, are they talented or what!!!! I hope I learn how to be creative too!

Nicole W. and Allie C.

Elisa W. and Allie W.

Sister Crubaugh reading the Poem from "Who Will You Be".

Elisa putting her arrow on the map.

Allie W. Putting her arrow on the map.

Nicole putting her arrow on the map.

Allie C. putting her arrow on the map.

Allie W. contemplating her future at BYU-I


Elisa Wright said...

oh my! will you put those pictures on a disk for me? i would love to have them to put on my facebook!!!!

and wow... I like that green shirt! It makes me look tan! yay! haha.

Im so sorry to hear about his crushed knuckle... oh my! When is he going to have surgery? and he better be 100% in tip top shape by the time I come home. I still have to beat him in a tennis match. ;)

Liz said...

Young Womens, how exciting for you or should I say for the girls. They will have so much fun with you in there. Will you still tech seminary next school year too?

Diana & Derek said...

We really need to share ideas. I am going to need a lot of help. Good luck!

jaime said...

Ugh. What a heartbreaker... It will be very hard to watch my best friends grow up. It's so weird that this time has finally come for them. I know they will make the best of it!


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