Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Storms are Messy

We had another Lightning storm come thru last night. It packed 60 mile winds, hail and intense rain. Here are some pictures taken this morning after we came home from Seminary. Nick cleaned up all the large branches and limbs and blew the driveway when it dryed off.
Thanks Nick!


Liz said...

I am glad that there was no major damage. We are having a really mild spring. I am kinda missing the lightening storms that we usually have in the spring. We were one degree away from breaking 100 the other day so I guess we are just skipping spring this year.

Elisa Wright said...

well dang. nicholas. is such a great cleaner. We should most definitely utilize that to the best of our ability... hmm. ill have to brainstorm.

kb said...

I think we sent you those storms from here. It looks worse there but the tornado sirens keep going off! Good luck through the rest of the storm season.


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