Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seminary Graduation 2008

Seminary Graduation

This is the day all Early Morning Seminary Students look forward too. It is a challenge to get up before it gets light and go to seminary before school all year long. It is totally worth it though. I can say that having been an early morning student myself and having 2 son's finish early morning seminary as well as teaching 2 years of Early Morning Seminary.

The Graduates

Nick, Nicole, Allie, Allie

Myself and Jaime one of my students for both years. She will graduate next year.

Nick graduated this year and he even finished all 25 Scripture Masteries!


jaime said...

Well, I must say by the looks of these pictures, we must be the cutest seminary class on the face of the earth :)

Liz said...

Early morning seminary is the way to go. I am glad that I was able to attend growing up. You look great in that picture with Jamie.

Anonymous said...

Of course we were the cutiest Seminary class on the earth and we learned alot together:)
Thank you Sis.


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