Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

The not so annual Oakbrook Ward softball game.

The dugout

Darren playing 3rd baseman.

Nick's favorite spot on the field, far left field.

Darren & Nick

Gwen Haycock daughter of Mason and Laura.

Just a short clip of what a church ball game at Gahagan Fields looks like.

Darren made a beautiful play for his team which ended up in a dislocated finger. He was on the bench the rest of the game.


kb said...

Looks like fun. To bad about that finger. That has to hurt. The gulf was so warm. I am with you and the Pacific. Once you see the gulf it is so hard to go back. We had a great time. I hope that Atlantic warms up soon so you can enjoy it. How fun.

Idaho Penningtons said...

You know - old people aren't suppose to play ball - they can get hurt!!!

Diana & Derek said...

Darren, I keep telling you not to raise your middle finger like that to people. It doesn't mean "I'm number one". Get a clue. Derek

Liz said...

Church ball is trouble. Joe came home with a dislocated shoulder last time he played. It was a really disgusting sight and every time I think about it I want to puke. Of course he made me try to put it back in and I was not successful so he ended up in the emergency room. Did Darren pop his own finger back in?

Elisa Wright said...

umm yeah I heard that game rocked... hahaha.

hmm so maybe nick shouldnt try so hard out in far left field... too bad I wasnt there. Or maybe its good that I wasnt because Im more certainly clumsy enough as it is; they dont need me imprinting my face in the dirt. haha

Anonymous said...

Yes, and he was in lots of pain! I was not surprised when he showed signs of shock, afterwords. I think I would have passed out cold!
Derek- First and pointer not middle!


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