Monday, April 26, 2010

An evening on the pier

The water is warming up and people are coming back to the beach.

We enjoy having these two close to home!

The sun on their faces the moon over head.

High Tide

Happy Feet

Beautiful evening on Folly Pier!
Just some fun Folly beach sightings;)


Idaho Penningtons said...

Looks so wonderful!!!!

karen said...

Oh how beautiful! I love, love the beach. The sight, the smell, the feel....Just loved this post. Great pictures.

Jennifer said...

oh it looks so beautiful and relaxing! There is nothing like the beach.

Liz said...

Fun pictures. I'm confused by the bike.

Anonymous said...

Liz~the bike was up on a post above the fence in some ones side yard that faced the gas station where we stopped to fill the car up. Ben thought I should snap a picture while were waiting in the car. I though sure why not.


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