Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Vanilla Theory

Sister Stubbs told the story of an old woman who always had Vanilla ice cream. One day she was asked why she didn't like any other ice cream, and had she ever even tried any other flavors. She replied " No never why would I do that when I love Vanilla". 
The point she made was how can you know if you really love Vanilla if it is the only flavor you have ever tasted.  She compared that to exclusive dating while in high school and told the girls this is why we encourage them to go on group dates until they are out of high school.

Talking to the girls
Sister Branham and the girls sampling the different flavors.

It got a little crazy when they were making their sundays with good ole Vanilla.

I did sample the Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake, that could be dangerous to have around!


Watson Ink. said...

My mom used to tell us the same thing! "No vanilla ice cream." hehe.

Liz said...

Vanilla is only good when you can add things to it like peanut butter and fudge.


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