Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday Update & The winners of the hats!

Ward mailbox for girls camp.
Fleece blanket gift for a friend.
Will be finished with Nick's Mission blanket tonight!!!!
Forget-Me- Not's
The Seeds seem to have all moved to one side.

Wild Flowers

Dark cloud that caused the electricity to go out and shutdown my computer just as I was getting ready to upload these pictures. The electricity came back on instantly but I had to wait until someone could reset the modem and then it was time for lunch and Nick's Mission Physical!!!!

These are the lucky winners of a cute hand crocheted hat!!! 
E-mail me your snail mail so I can get these right out to you!!!!


Diana and Derek said...

I demand a redo! just kidding. What is the girls camp mailbox about?

Anonymous said...

The girls camp mailbox is for our secret ward to put goodies in. The stake decided to have secret wards instead of secret sisters this year!

Watson Ink. said...

I love the mailbox, but more importantly I love that I won! WooHoo!!

Rory and Jess said...

darn! sorry I missed your giveaway! those hats are soo cute too. That's what I get for going to Disneyland I guess. :)

John and Ann Tolman said...

That is a way cool idea about the ward mailbox. We will keep '
"Mozambique" in our prayers for Nick's Mission call. Wouldn't that be so fun? Except at 120 degrees weather, he most likely would not need a blanket!!!

Liz said...

I never win anything. I am so excited. Wait maybe there is a different Liz that entered and won. Well if it is me and you haven't sent it yet then hold on for a bit 'cause I am out of town till April 7th.


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