Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Update & First giveaway!

This week I am holding my first drawing. I crocheted these hats on the way to and from our family trip. They are a small child size 4-8. If you would like to be in the drawing leave me a comment before next Tue. June 8th. I will be drawing for each hat separately so you have 2 chances to win one of them. I will contact you via e-mail so please make sure you leave me your address

I gave these Journal Jars to the Young Woman after teaching the Lesson on Keeping a personal record.
Flower seedlings 
Herb seedlings
Nick had to mow the lawn today because it grew like crazy while we were away due to nice wet weather!


Watson Ink. said...

I love journal jars! We got one right after Chris and I were married to help us learn about each other. SO fun! And I love the hats!!

Liz said...

Cute hats. Tori would look really cute in one when her head gets big enough. I must say her head is pretty big for a 2 1/2 year old so maybe it would fit her this fall when she is 3. Hope my name is drawn.


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