Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Garrett comes to South Carolina

We loved having Garrett here for the week! I think he liked hanging out in the RMTC room. There was lots of game playing, movie watching, and surfing. I did not go surfing with them. There is only room for 5 in Darren's truck and to be honest I need a bit of time to clean the kitchen.
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Shannon said...

i think you need a vacation with just girls! You and all those boys, sounds so messy! haha

We loved having Ben and Aaron here, seriously they were so cute and so fun to hang out with.
That is so cool that Garrett came out to visit!
We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

It was a bit messy and very loud at times. We enjoyed a great summer with them though:)

Idaho Penningtons said...

You should get a raise!!!!


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