Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nick's Birthday

Nick Turns 17! He has his favorite dinner Hot Cheesy Chicken and baked potatos. His birthday cake is an Ice cream cake from Cold Stone! He loved all the cards with $$$$ in them. Thanks everyone for making Nick's birthday so awesome!


BenjaminLane said...

Happy birthday homey!

Shannon said...

Happy BIrthday BUDDY! You are so Tall, seriously that's amazing!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cake!
Hope you have a fabulous B day and We will hopefully see Ben on MONDAY! YAHOOO!!

Liz said...

Happy Belated B-day Nick. I must be hungry because that dinner and cake sounds really good about now. You look great and so grown up hope to see you guys some time soon.

Idaho Penningtons said...

I hope you saved me some of that cake! I love cold stone (Maybe they will have one in Italy!)

Arianna said...

Happy Birthday Nick! I feel shorter every year Ü All the Riordans from Oregon hope you had
a fabulous day!


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