Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday night out!

We decided we needed a break from the house. So we went to California Dreaming for some seafood. Darren, Nick and I had fresh Mahi. Ben and Aaron did not venture in the seafood part of the menu, they ate beef. The real reason they like the place is because of the flaky fresh crescent rolls.

3Beach front property for sale in Folly Beach right across the street from the washout. I have a few phone numbers in case any of you should have a few extra $$$$ burning a whole in your pocket.

3A walk on the beach in the warm summer breeze!

Dessert at Bruster's on the way home.

The three Milkateers awaiting their milkshakes!

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Liz said...

So, are you going to build a house on the beach?

Anonymous said...

If someone wanted to invest in some beach front property I am sure that we would be happy to assist in the building :) No we are not looking into buying that piece of land. I just happened to notice it when we were in Folly Beach.

Diana & Derek said...

What are the land prices there, compared to CA?

Anonymous said...

Not sure:)


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