Monday, August 20, 2007


Nick is behind the board:)
Ben enjoys riding backwards, upside down and sideways!
Aaron is making good use of the whitewater today!

The Surfdog is at it again!
And they say this was a terrible day at the beach:)
It was windy and I had a hard time keeping the sand off the camera:(

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Shannon said...

I have got to go surfing! It looks so fun, Hard, but fun!
Is the water still so warm?!

Darren Johnson said...

Oh yes.....the water is still very warm it's right now 8:30pm on Thursday and we just got back from surfing about 2 1/2 hours in 85 degree water and some very nice was a Sweeeeeet session.

BenjaminLane said...

soooo nice and warm... it's almost too good to be true

Watson Ink. said...

Awesome pics! How is it I grew up in California and have never been surfing?? Looks like fun!

Idaho Penningtons said...

Hey we could probably give a few pointers on surfing now that we are almost pro!


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