Thursday, April 19, 2007

A fun day of Family Golf

Today we took the Family Golfing at our Golf club here in Summerville. The weather could not have been any better.....70's and sunny!

Nick with the Club House in the background.

Practice swing before that first try at hitting the ball down the fairway.

Laurel getting ready to smack a good one down the fairway!


Liz said...

Looks like fun. Laurel, I didn't know you were a golfer.

Shannon said...

I am impressed...LAUREL, you didn't telll us you were a golfer!
Cute picture of the Boys in the Golf Cart!
Looks like a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Shannon & Liz,
I'm really not, I've only been twice. I have been to the range mostly and had a lesson in Oregon. I want to play more and take a few more lessons sometime.

My Awesome Life!!! said...

hey guys,i havent seen you in a LONG time!!! looks like fun!
Love ya. :o)

Diana & Derek said...

Nice Shorts Ben!!!!

Idaho Penningtons said...

Everyone is growing up! IT will be fun to see everyone this summer! Maybe I should take up golf too! It would be easier than running on my old joints! I don't run races like shannon - my joints are too old to be able to do much of that without being in a wheel chair by the time I am 60


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