Friday, April 27, 2007

Ben buys a car!

Ben needed a car to drive and so we went out after dinner to look and see what was available. After visiting a few car lots we ended up at Saturn on Rivers ave. Ben liked his Saturn and was willing to look at those again.
Turns out after test driving a L 300 4 door that he was O.K. with, and they were about to go make a deal. I (mom) found an ION for a little less that had less miles. The only catch was it is a 5 speed manual. Ben fell in love with it and said, " no problem I can learn to drive it." Darren drove a hard deal, Saturn accepted the offer and we are the co-owners of an 2003 ION. It is in very good condition, Darren said the engine is very clean. I am sure he will love his new/used Saturn!


Idaho Penningtons said...

Wow Ben!! You are really home and livin in the real world when you have a car payment!!! Now you can drive out here and see us!!!!
Aunt Rachel

Diana & Derek said...

Congrats, Ben!! It seems that we are becoming a Saturn family AFTER I left the company!! Garrett, Taylor, Diana, and now Ben all drive Saturns!! PS: This is good for my retirement. Derek

Jackie said...

I second what my mom said, come see us! Or just wait until July and come see us:D Airplanes go faster!

Jackie said...

p.s. When did you get so old, you like actually look grown up!

Shannon said...

Super cool! I love the Color too!


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