Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ben Is Home

Ben was very excited to see his new home, I think he likes it so far! We are very happy to have our family together again. On the ride home from the airport he talked about how things seem sort of new and a little strange but other than Nicks obvious growth we are still the same as when he left and he loves it!

Ben just outside the garage before going inside.

This is the banner that Laurel's seminary class made and we hung it up so as soon as he went upstairs to the main floor he would see it along with other decorations and balloons that we fixed up.

Playing the Piano while we waited to go see the Stake President for his release. Ben has learned to play hymns very well on his mission and we enjoyed listening to him play.


Joe said...

I came home to a new place too (my parents moved to Morgan Hill while I was on my mission). Ben must be so excited to see everything there.

Jackie said...

Yay!!! Tell him to call me or at least e-mail me! I want to talk to him!!:D

Darren Johnson said...

Yeah Joe your right! Coming home to a totaly new place has been exciting. He does see alot of familiar things because we have all the furniture from before he left.

He woke up with a headache this morning at 4:30AM which I am sure is from all the excitement and change with a dash of jet lag I'm sure. It is now 8:30AM and he is still in his room sleeping which we are glad for and hope he feels better when he wakes up. It is quite a transition from Mission to Homelife as many of you know!

Today we plan of taking him on a quiet drive around his home to show him all the cool things here in Charleston if he is feeling better that is. I think that will help his transition to get out and have a little tour with his family. We will take him to downtown Charleston, Market street, Folly beach, Isle of Palms, etc.

Jackie, we will make sure he calls you sometime today. If anyone wants to talk to him just call my cell.

Shannon said...

I am sure he will LOVE Charleston! He looks sooooo GOOD!
When he gets some time, tell him to check my blog, so he can see my little family!
I love you guys!

Jenn Granum said...

Congrats, Ben! And a shout out to the Roseville area. I went to high school in El Dorado Hills. My whole family was baptized in 1991 by missionaries from Ben's same Roseville mission. Pretty cool, huh?!


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