Tuesday, April 17, 2007

At the Airport

We got at the Airport just as his plane was landing, it came in 20 minutes early! We got to see the plane taxi to the gate from the viewing area where we were sitting on rocking chairs that they have there for people waiting. I took this picture because we knew that he was sitting in seat 36E which was on this side of the plane. Bishop Cunningham and his wife were there too to meet Ben. Ben was of course the last one off the plane!

Bens plane coming in to the gate. Ben is sitting in the row with the last two window.

Nick and Mom waiting at the gate

Moms hug, it took a while before she would let go of him so Nick and I could have a turn!


Joe said...

Great pics! Welcome home Ben!

Shannon said...

Oh, I bet Laurel was Balling! i am actually a little teary just looking at the picture of her hugging him!


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