Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Brand New App coming to an iphone near you!

Be one of the first to get this awesome new App!
What is it you say?
It is an awesome app for keeping track of the goals you set last month or last year;)
It is called Key Indicators and I had the opportunity to test it for the last 2 months.
It really helped me get ready for my first 5K. It is also helping me to become a more educated photographer and read my scriptures every day. It not only helps you to do more, it can help you in areas that you want to do less! Like changing a bad habit!
So here are some screen shots and please give it a try, it will help a wonderful collage student (A's) get thru school!

You can go to the this webpage for more info.
 Blank Sketch Studios.


Shannon said...

i am going to check out itunes right now!! way to go BEN! i always knew you were a smarty pants!!

Diana and Derek said...

Garrett had this awesome new app on his face book page. Way to go Ben! Love, you aunt Diana


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