Saturday, February 04, 2012

Girls Camp 2012 Youth Camp Leaders Sleepover

Just real quick before getting into this post I wanted to post the week 5 picture of Project 52. The Theme was eyes and since no one was around the morning I needed to have it finished and ready to submit I used  Clifford cause he has great big eyes.

So Last night we had our annual YCL Sleepover. This year it was held at the military Short Stay on Lake Moultrie. Lucky for us it has been warmer then normal because it was still cool with some wind. All in all though we were comfortable while outside enjoying a wonderful devotional given by Brother Samuel Walker. He talked about the stars and how they are an important reminder of the creation and our role in Heavenly Fathers Plan for us. The girls were given their camp assignment and then meet with their adult camp leader. Oh were you wondering why I am writing this, I am serving as camp photographer and gopher (helper). This will be my 4th year and each year has been a lot
 of work but so much fun.



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