Friday, May 08, 2009

Why not end the week the way we started it!

A beautiful afternoon to go to the beach! We went to our favorite spot on IOP. There were a few people there this afternoon. It is the Collage of Charleston graduation weekend and Mothers day too. 
25th Ave. 
Ben telling Jacq that she did great, she really is catching on quick.

Such a cute couple!


Nick was out there until he got a bit cold. The water is still in the 70's
We are so glad that summer is here and we live close to the beach!!!!


karen said...

Oh how I wish I was there. I am such a beach girl and stuck on the inland. We are headed to the pan handle for Memorial Day and I cannot wait! Love your pictures too. So fun to see everyone. And thanks for the info on the Mac. I am dreaming away....

Sharp4sure said...

CUTE Necklace Laurel!!!!!! How nice it would be to be close to a beach ( a real warm beach!!)

Rachel said...

Really jealous right now! We are sunny today but a high of 60! Not really surfing weather!

Watson Ink. said...

SO fun! What a great way to spend the day!!

Shannon said...

I want to go surfing so bad! I would love to live out there by you guys! I wanted Cory to go and Surf with my cute brother so bad! O well i guess in a few weeks now. haha

Liz said...

Looks like fun. How warm does the water get there in the summer?

Anonymous said...

The water will be in the low 80's during the Summer months:)


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