Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday Update

Jacquie was so nice to give Rusty and Kirra a bath and make them look so handsome and cute!

Thank you Jacquie!!!!!
I spent a lot of time getting my files uploaded to my new iMac.
Planted a few seeds in these empty pots. We will see if I can remember to water them:)

I am a little over half way there!


karen said...

I'm loving your new Imac. Let me know how it works. I am tempted to switch to Mac. And your dogs are cute!

Sharp4sure said...

MAC is the way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only WAY!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

HEY I got a new Imac too. l love it... The only problrm i'm having is trying to set up my itunes account, it won't transfer to my new computer... UGh...

Darling dogs, seriously they are so cute!

Liz said...

Those flowers you planted are called Forget Me Nots, so I think that is reason enough to not forget to water them.


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